Trust Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills: Tires Matter

While you survey our enticing selection of new Volkswagen models near Towson, MD, Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills would like to remind you how important your tires are, and that taking care of them can greatly enhance your ownership experience.  Factors like proper tire inflation, periodic tire rotation, purchasing new tires when it’s time, and choosing the right tires for your VW car or SUV are all things you can learn more about in our Owings Mills, MD Volkswagen showroom, or right here in this blog.

Did you know you can determine when it’s time to buy new tires without bringing your vehicle to our dealership?  Yep, there’s a simple test called the “penny test” that you can do in your driveway and which requires – you guessed it – a penny.  Just take a penny, find a spot on one of your tires where the tread is most worn down, and stick the penny upside-down between two tread ridges.  If any part of Abe Lincoln’s head is covered by tread, your tires are still good to go.  However, if Lincoln’s head is fully exposed, that means the tread is worn down to a point where it’s time for new tires.

And when it’s time for new tires, our dealership can help you purchase the right four-pack for your vehicle.  That’s right, four-pack, because it’s best to replace all of your tires at once so that they all wear evenly.  As for which tires you should buy, that depends on your driving habits, typical road conditions, vehicle type, and other factors.  Based on your criteria, we’ll provide our opinion as to which tires are best:  run-flat, all-weather, snow, performance, etc.

Visit us today for great new tires and exceptional VW models like a 2017 Volkswagen Passat near Baltimore, MD!

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