Your Vehicle Lease is Ending – Now What?


Leasing a Volkswagen car allows you the chance to enjoy a lower down payment and monthly payments than you would have with a vehicle purchase. When your lease agreement comes to an end, you will have some great options to choose from. Whether you are leasing a Volkswagen Jetta or a Volkswagen Atlas, our customer service team can get you pointed in the right direction. Just rest assured that our Volkswagen finance department will take care of you no matter what you decide.


Buying Your Leased Vehicle


Should you love your Volkswagen car, you may not want to see it go. In this case, you can talk with Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills about buying it. This is a nice option if you may have gone over your mileage cap and your car is still in excellent shape. Our finance team will talk with you about the down payment and what your monthly payments will be if you decide to buy your lease.


Returning Your Leased Vehicle


If you feel as though you would rather walk away from your lease when the agreement is up, there will be charges for applicable mileage, wear and tear, and the disposition fee. You also have the chance to trade in your Volkswagen car for a newer model. If this is the path you want to take, our customer service team will be happy to show you some new Volkswagen cars on the lot and have you take a few for a test drive.


When you are ready to discuss your lease, please visit us at Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills conveniently located at 9808 Reisterstown Rd., in lovely Owings Mills, MD. Should you have any questions on all of your options at the end of your lease agreement, simply contact our sales team at (443) 213-0837 and we will be happy to help.

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