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If you’re new to Volkswagen car care, you may wonder what the big deal is with genuine VW parts. While other repairs and parts may get you by temporarily, the trick for a long-lasting and effective repair is to use genuine OEM Volkswagen parts only.

At Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills, we can help you do just that.  

Why OEM Parts Are Important 

Just because other brands and companies make replacement parts and potentially sell them for a lower price, that doesn’t mean those are the best option for your vehicle. If you stick to the genuine parts found at our dealership, you can ensure: 

  • The part fits correctly 
  • The part functions flawlessly 
  • Overall efficiency is not diminished 
  • Your car retains quality and value 

These facts all generally sprout from the idea that the manufacturers that created your car know it best and they know what will work best for it long-term.  

Consequences of Using Non-OEM Parts  

Other issues with using non-OEM parts include possibilities ranging from a less-than-ideal fit to a real catastrophe. Whereas Volkswagen dealers trust and use these same parts in your car when it comes fresh off the assembly line, you can’t guarantee other brands have safety and quality tested their parts at that level.

Additionally, the materials and quality could really vary from brand to brand.  

You might find that using a generic brand part causes: 

  • More wear on other parts 
  • More frequent parts replacement 
  • More expensive repairs down the road 
  • Possible breakdown or another incident 
  • Lower return on investment at resale 

All in all, OEM VW parts are worth the time for all parts replacements in your car. Come see the professionals at our Volkswagen dealership service center to learn more about proper care and maintenance for your Volkswagen vehicle.  

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