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Why Should I Use OEM Parts?

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If you’re new to Volkswagen car care, you may wonder what the big deal is with genuine VW parts. While other repairs and parts may get you by temporarily, the trick for a long-lasting and effective repair is to use genuine OEM Volkswagen parts only.

At Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills, we can help you do just that.  

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Volkswagen Tires for Sale

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Tire issues seem to pop up at unexpected moments. While many tires with slight damage can be repaired, other times replacing is necessary. Replacement tires should be the same brand and type as your three remaining tires for the best performance. However, when it comes time to choose four new tires altogether, the selection process is slightly more involved. What tires work best for your new Volkswagen car near Baltimore? Allow us at Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills to explain.

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The Time is Here for Spring Automotive Service


The winter months will often drag on forever, so feeling the warmth of the spring air always feels wonderful. When you have daily driving to cover or you have road trips planned, making sure that you have your vehicle in for service is crucial for successful operation. Heritage Volkswagen Owings Mills wants you to know that we have a state-of-the-art Volkswagen service center with the latest equipment and trained technicians. 

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